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Results … Not Reasons. We achieve Success by Design.

Cambrist Capital provides a unique equity growth solution by leveraging our institutional knowledge and experience in capital markets to help our retail traders in both the Cryptocurrency and Forex markets.

New to Trading?

Don’t worry about it..we have you covered with all the necessary training you will need to make that first trade.

Trade with the Bulls & Bears

Learn to trade the markets both ways and capitalize while most traders are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the market to turn.

Accurate & Profitable Trades

We take pride in how accurate our Signals are. We don’t claim to get it 100% right but we’ve proven that we seldom get it wrong.

The Cambrist Difference

In a market of increasing risk and equity growth uncertainty, Cambrist Capital seeks to provide its retail clients with a straight forward, no non-sense approach to achieve their financial trading objectives.

We have gained a competitive advantage in retail markets by employing institutional strategies for positioning and capital preservation. The majority of retail traders do not even use these methods.

The key to success in capital markets is knowledge of how “smart money” moves in and out of the market and capitalizing on it. Our risk mitigation discipline and comprehensive hands-on approach sets us apart from many other services out there today.

We take the responsibility for our client’s success very seriously.


✅ Watch, Learn and Profit with Us!

✅ Crypto & Forex Advanced Trader Courses

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✅    Clear entry and exit trade plans

✅    Insights into Trade Set-ups

✅    Market and Signal Updates as they happen

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“Markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent!”

Market exposure can quickly and easily kill a Traders account.

Market efficient profits are what you should be seeking as a trader. We allow you to achieve that without having to spend 24 hours in front a computer searching for the best risk to reward opportunities in multiple markets.

You need a team of experienced, successful traders and with Cambrist Capital, you get exactly that.

Happy Members.

Evelyn G. – Kansas City, USA

“Cambrist is such a Godsend! Being able to increase my BTC while the market as a whole has been going down is such a relief for those of us who have been hodling or bought near the highs and got out with losses. Thank you again.”


Neil M. – Fraserburgh, Scotland

“I’ve been waiting for this service for such a long time! I’ve been following your signals for a few months already and they are fantastic! Thank you Cambrist team, keep up the good work.”


Patrick T. – Sydney, Australia

“I am not an expert trader but I will say I am 100% confident that I can begin to take advantage of this market now – no matter where it goes. If you’re wanting to take it to the next level you need to give Cambrist a go.”


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Invest in Experience…Trade for Success.

10% of all monthly member subscription proceeds go to a different charity each month that is presented by and voted on by members

Why Choose Cambrist Capital?


Client Success

Our results and our philosophy for client success is what is most talked about when referencing our company. We love that, because Without YOU, we wouldn’t be here.


Get Real-time Updates

In an ever changing market environment , proficient market analysis usually take hours of information discovery. We provide you with real-time market updates as the market structure changes.


Strategic Trade Management & Planning

Utilizing Multi-Entry & Exit Trading Strategies and Risk Management to achieve maximum profit.

Take Control of You Financial Future

We’re here to help you trade both the Crypto & Forex Markets profitably. Join us today to start your Advanced Trading Development.


Our interactive online courses help you develop the skills of trading from the ground up. Start your trading journey today.